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19 Sep 2007

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Clipper Photo Gallery 

Here are some pictures sent in by ACOC members of their rigs in action. If you have pictures to include, please mail your picture(s) to: ACOC Website, c/o Shayne Barr, 1961 Main St #139, Watsonville, Ca. 95076

 Make sure to enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your pictures back. If you have a scanner or digital camera, you can email your pictures to acoc@americanclipperownersclub.com Please include a description of the picture so we know what we're looking at. :)

Click on the small "thumbnail" image to see the full size picture(s).

Thumbnail Provided By Description
Kevin Ewert (Dig)
Photos from the National ACOC Rally at Olema Ranch Campground, February 18, 19, and 20, 2005.
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Bob Owens #1428 Seventeen American Clippers which were decorated participated
in the Watertown 4th of July Parade in 1992. Dr. Bob, the founder
 of ACOC, is leading the parade of Clippers with Bob Owens 
"WATERTOWN OR BUST" banner on both sides of his Clipper
Bob Owens #1428 My Clipper having successfully towed a '79 Honda over the 
10,910 foot Molas Pass on the Million Dollar Highway from
Durango to Silverton, CO. Silverton, CO is in the Valley below.
Brent I. Brent's Clipper parked in the neighborhood.
Paul Devlas #2905 Ebbets pass (Highway 4) at 8730 feet September 1999. Not easy but certainly worth the effort. Make sure you go down hill in lower gears (1 & 2). A friend of ours tried to go down on his breaks and needed a tow later on when his breaks failed. Could have cost him his rig and his life.
Paul Devlas #2905 Cutthroat saloon Markleeville, Highway 89 just west of the Nevada/
California border. A "famous" hangout of Hells Angels and bikers.
morrowbayclipper.jpg (58247 bytes) Eric Gibbons #3021 Our maiden voyage from home (in Grass Valley), to Santa Cruz, then on to Morrow Bay. Clipper ran great! Very comfortable! My Wife and Son (crew) pose with the Clipper and the Morrow big rock in the background.
regan.jpg (23903 bytes) Annie Regan #3045 My pride and joy: I just acquired this 1975 Model parked here in my driveway. Look forward to going on my first rally February 18, 2000.
Randy Searcy #3065  Randy with his American Clipper on the Oregon Coast, August 2000.
clute.jpg (86011 bytes) Mike and Susan Clute #3129 Here's a picture of the beautiful Hwy. #1 bridge at Russian Gulch and our Clipper underneath.... It was our first extended trip (2 1/2 weeks) in campgrounds only... Of course the Clipper performed faultlessly, and we had a great time from Bodega bay to Crescent City and back to Grass Valley.... Thanks also to the "old timers" and the staff of volunteers for keeping us all informed of improvements and advice for first timers like us in the "tech corner"....
Conrad #2828 On our way to the Blink-182 concert at the Gorge in George, Washington. Yes, it really does exist... Myself, another dad and 5 sixteen year-old girls... woo-hoo! A working fridge is a good thing.