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19 Sep 2007

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American Clipper Owners Club

American Clippers lined up at the October 2000 National American Clipper rally in Buellton, California

The American Clipper Owners Club was founded by Bob and Rhea Cornwell in 1982. After 15 years and thousands of hours volunteering they are now retired from the ACOC as permanent honorary members. 

Currently, with about 600 members, the American Clipper Owners Club helps Clipper owners maintain their rigs, publishes every two months a newsletter with technical information, creates this web site, stocks and sells spare parts, organizes three national Clipper rallies each year where American Clipper owners convene for potluck, technical sessions and fun.

Left: Clip Jr. (Spare parts trailer) with ACOC supply officer Mel Guerrera in background open at Buellton, California rally October, 2000. 
Right: Technical session conducted by Mark Smith (L) and Mel Guerrera (R) at Buellton, California National American Clipper rally, October, 2000

Clippers, Clippers and more Clippers: Two pictures from the National American Clipper Rally, King City, California, Feb. 2001.

Also, the ACOC offers to members a binder with over 70 back issues of the ACOC Newsletter with a cross reference index for only $70. This is an invaluable resource for any Clipper owner. It contains virtually all solutions to anything that can go wrong with a Clipper as well as advice how to maintain your coach and how to modify certain features to make things work even smoother. The index helps to find the different solutions to a problem.

If you would like to become an ACOC member please click on the following link: Membership Application Form. Fill and print the membership application form and send it with the membership payment to the address on the form.

Local American Clipper Owners Club chapters at one time included:

  • The Bay Area Clippers
  • The Sierra Clipper Skippers
  • The Sacramento Road Runners
  • The 805 Gulls
  • The LA-Valley Sevens
  • The Cascade Clippers
  • The Evergreen Clippers

Currently, the only local chapter still active is the Bay Area Clippers. If you are interested in starting up a local chapter in your area, please email clipper@toedtoesproductions.com for contact information.