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Cheaha SP, AL
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As you may have gathered by now, we have been around and I'm somewhat a chatterbox!  One of the many places we've lived over the years was Huntsville, AL, home of Marshall Space Center and the famed Space Camp.  While there we discovered Cheaha (pronounced chee-ha) SP located about 24 miles south of Anniston, AL in the Talladega National Forest.  Map shows I-20.  Cheaha Mt. is the highest point in Alabama at just over 2400 ft.  You won't need oxygen but you will need air conditioning if you are there between April and October though I highly recommend spring since the water falls are most spectacular then.

Cheaha SP

At 2,405 feet, Cheaha Mt is the highest point in Alabama

There are a couple of different areas to park a Clipper.  There's Cheaha SP itself which has the upper and lower campgrounds (upper pictured here).  As you can see, plenty of room for Clippers!

And then there's Lake Chinnabee!  Lake Chinnabee only has 10 spots with no electricity or water connections but it's well worth it for the serene surroundings!  The lake is full of bream and shell crackers and you may even pull out a bass or catfish.  We loved the fact that not many people are aware of this little campground despite the fact that they line up to hit the trail that leads to all the water falls!

Lake Chinnabee is just sw of Cheaha along SR 281 south and then turn back north on Cheaha Rd to Lake Chinnabee.

One of Chinnabee's 10 sites.

Lake Chinnabee

Waterfalls galore!

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John Eversoll

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Re: Cheaha SP, AL
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Hey MAC, the place sounds great but the PICs never came thru...


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Re: Cheaha SP, AL
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Hey  Mac.

Wanted to ask if You had been to DeSoto Caverns while visiting our area here in Bama.

Was in Cheha the other day! Like to go there every now and then.

I haven't used this forum much and hope I'm not stepping out of place by sending this msg.


John Eversoll

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Re: Cheaha SP, AL
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Mac, Pics never came thru.... :(  John