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This is the home of some of the largest and oldest living things on earth.  The "GIANT SEQUIOA".  It encompases over 6000 acres of  breath taking senery.  Lots and lots of trees!  Redwoods, firs and pines and the flowering dogwood as well.  It rests just outside of Arnold off of Ca state hwy. 4, about 3 1/2 hr. drive from contra costa county in the Bay Area, where we live.  There are two campgrounds within the park.  North Grove, which is where the main ranger station and museum are.  The rangers provide nature walks and lectures and they have jr. ranger activities for the kids.  Group campfires in the evening and sun. morning nondenominational church service outside under the trees.  This is also where the trail loop starts to see the north grove sequioas.  It is about a 5 mile walk, I believe.  The other campground where we like to stay is called Oak Hollow.  It is down the canyon about three miles and more secluded.  The camp sites are all well designed with plenty of room, trees, campfire rings and food storage boxes to keep that occational bear from eating your goodies.  Yes, there are bears as well as fox.  Both campsites have clean restrooms with warm showers. Yippy!!  My favorite spot is the Stanislaus River, which is just about another 2 miles down the canyon.  Wow!, it is heaven on earth to me!  With its rushing currents and incredible holes to cool off in. Oh! did I mention trout fishing?  Well they stock at least once a week.  There are also some natives if you are keen enough to hook one.  For the kiddies there is a small creek a little farther down that is called Beaver Creek.  There  are many great spots on this creek to enjoy some quality time with the family. Also many picnic areas with barbques and tables.  The weather is warm from June through August.  Upwards in the 80's to low 90's.  But that makes that river even more enjoyable and refreshing.  There is another grove of sequioas near Beaver Creek called South Grove, which is a great and exelerating hike. If you run out of food or cold beer, Arnold has a great market with quality fruit and produce, a butcher dept. and for that wine coniseuir, a large slection of wines.  If you follow highway 4 farther up you will eventually reach Bear Valley which in winter, is a favorite ski resort.  Also, Lake Alpine, a beautiful alpine crystal clear lake which has some undeveloped campsites. Sorry for lenghtly review, I just really love this place.  We spend a week here every year.  Buy the way, the fees are very reasonable.  About $12 bucks a nite. There aren't any hookups, however.  Check this place out, I think you will like it!  


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and if your VET from the servce, you get in free,
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and if your VET, you get in free, I did 9 years in the Army and now, I got a bad knee from them